Cutter and Beading Machine

Cutter and Beading Machine

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A Cutter and Beading Machine is a metalforming machine used to simultaneously cut and bead a sheet metal strip, typically made of aluminum or steel. The machine is used to create a bead or edge on the sheet metal strip, which strengthens and stiffens the material while also adding a decorative element.

The machine consists of a feed roller, a cutting roller, and a beading roller. The sheet metal strip is fed into the machine through the feed roller, which moves the material forward at a controlled speed. The cutting roller then cuts the strip to the desired length while the beading roller creates a bead along the edge of the strip.

The machine can be adjusted to produce beads of different shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of the application. The finished product can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a trim or edge finish for metal panels or other structures.

Overall, the Cutter and Beading Machine is a versatile and efficient metalforming machine that can save time and labor in the fabrication process while also producing high-quality finished products.

Cutter and Beading Machine

Cutter and Beading Machine
Cutter and Beading Machine

The Cutter and Beading Machine is a metalforming machinery used to cut and form sheet metal into different shapes and sizes. It is commonly used in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) industry to fabricate ductwork.

The machine typically consists of a set of rollers that feed the sheet metal through the machine. The first set of rollers cuts the sheet metal to the desired length, while the second set of rollers creates a bead or flange on the edge of the sheet. The beading process strengthens the edge of the sheet metal and makes it easier to join with other pieces of sheet metal.

Cutter and Beading Machines can vary in size and capacity depending on the needs of the user. They can be manual or fully automated and can be used for a wide range of applications including roofing, cladding, and ductwork fabrication.

Cutter and Beading Machine Parts

Cutter and Beading Machine Parts
Cutter and Beading Machine Parts

The main parts of a cutter and beading machine include:

  1. Base: The base provides the support and stability for the machine.
  2. Motor: The motor provides the power to run the machine and drive the cutting and beading tools.
  3. Cutting head: The cutting head is a rotating blade that is used to cut the metal sheet or plate.
  4. Beading head: The beading head is a pair of rollers that are used to form the edges of the metal sheet or plate.
  5. Feed rollers: The feed rollers are used to move the metal sheet or plate through the machine.
  6. Control panel: The control panel is used to control the machine’s functions, such as the speed of the cutting and beading heads and the feed rollers.
  7. Tooling: The tooling consists of various cutting and beading tools that can be changed out depending on the type of metal and the desired end result.
  8. Coolant system: The coolant system is used to lubricate and cool the cutting and beading heads during operation to prevent overheating and prolong the life of the machine.
  9. Chip tray: The chip tray collects the metal chips and debris that are produced during cutting and beading, making it easier to clean up and dispose of the waste material.

Beading Machine for Sheet Metal

Line 5 beading machine and line 7 beading machine are used to make sheet metal reinforced ribs during HVAC air duct processing. This machine can groove 5 or 7 reinforced ribs at the same time with stable working and high quality.

Our company can also customize multiple lines of grooving machines on the basis of customers’ demands. The metal sheet beading/grooving machine is a part of ventilation air duct manufacturing machines, it can be used with other rectangular HVAC tube forming machines together to finish a whole duct production, such as lock forming machine, pneumatic sheet metal folding machine, TDF flange forming machine, electric shearing machine, lock seam closing machine, clips cutting machine, etc.

Meanwhile, it will be very important to maintain the beading machine after you use it few months. The machine will be more smooth to use and use time will be longer if the operator adds lubrication oil to the parts before operating it. According to the different needs of every customer, EMS Metalworking Machinery can provide you with special cases of machines corresponding to customers’ requirements and actual use conditions.

As a professional manufacturer of ventilation air duct-making machines, the company can provide CNC HVAC whole duct-making machine lines and separate machines to meet different customers’ needs. Our address is Dongcheng Industrial Park, Bowang Town, Bowang District, Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province. Welcome people from all over the world to visit our factory and test machines.

What’s more, you can choose OEM service too. For after-sales service, we have skilled technicians who can teach you how to operate machines via video and we can also provide engineer overseas service or you can send the worker to our factory to learn the operation way.