Metalworking Machinery

Metalworking Machinery
Metalworking machinery is used to bend sheet metal, cut, trim, form, and draw

Sheet Metal Machinery for Sale

Our metalworking machinery is general-purpose plant machinery. Our bending machine for sale can be listed as:

  • Edge cutting trimming beading curling machine
  • Polishing machine
  • Burr removing machine
  • Circle cutting machine
  • Porcelain and ceramic cookware grinding machine
  • Flat surface polishing machine
  • Bandsaw for metal
  • Profile bending machine
  • Hydraulic horizontal press brake
  • Pipe bending machine
  • Circular welding machine

A single address for a whole metal bending machinery range

Hydraulic press brake starting from as small as 10 T up to 100 T bending power, with all the necessary machine tools for sale. This small bending press is a unique choice for a cold pressing machine. A best seller for an industrial press machine from a press brake manufacturer

A tube bending machine is an economical choice for those who don’t want to afford a CNC tube bending machine. As the single manufacturer of this tube bender, we supply all machinery spare parts needed. It can be used as an automatic bending machine as well as a manual bending machine. For any pipe bending machine for sale inquiry, please contact us via e-mail. We sometimes have in stock a used bending machine for sale, if you plan to buy used machinery, also kindly write to us

Sheet metal bending machinery
Parts made with our sheet metal bending machines

Sheet Metal Machinery

Sheet metal companies use various machinery such as bending, metal cutting, trimming, and forming machines for their daily sheet metal production orders. EMS Metalworking Machinery can also design complete new machine solutions for you for your trimming or beading sheet metal tasks. Beading machines are used to give a unique shape to the rims of round sheet metal parts. These shapes can be made with cutting, trimming forming, flagging or beading. Sheet metal machining is our core business. Beading in sheet metal is forming a round channel on the edges of a round metal sheet product. Generally speaking, in our company you can find a better solution in any task relation with machining sheet metal.

Metalworking machinery refers to equipment used in the process of shaping, cutting, and forming metal. It includes a wide range of machines, such as lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, sawing machines, and welding machines.

These machines are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, energy, and manufacturing. Metalworking machinery is essential for producing metal components and parts with high accuracy and precision, and is used for both mass production and custom fabrication.

Metalworking machinery may be manually operated or automated, and may use various types of power sources, such as electric motors, hydraulic systems, or pneumatic systems. They may also incorporate computer numerical control (CNC) technology for greater precision and efficiency.

There are many types of metalworking machinery, but some of the most common ones include:

  1. Lathe machines: Used for turning and shaping cylindrical and round objects.
  2. Milling machines: Used to cut and shape metal with a rotating cutter.
  3. Drilling machines: Used to drill holes in metal.
  4. Grinding machines: Used for finishing and shaping metal surfaces.
  5. Welding machines: Used to join pieces of metal together.
  6. Bending machines: Used to bend metal sheets and pipes.
  7. Punching machines: Used to create holes and shapes in metal sheets.
  8. Shearing machines: Used to cut metal sheets.
  9. Press machines: Used to stamp, form, or press metal sheets into various shapes and sizes.
  10. CNC machines: Computer-controlled machines that automate the metalworking process.

Sheet Metalworking Machines

Sheet metalworking machinery is used to shape and form metal sheets into different shapes and sizes for various applications. Some common types of sheet metalworking machinery include:

  1. Shearing machines: used to cut large sheets of metal into smaller sizes.
  2. Bending machines: used to bend sheets of metal into different shapes and angles.
  3. Punching machines: used to punch holes or other shapes in metal sheets.
  4. Rolling machines: used to roll metal sheets into curved or cylindrical shapes.
  5. Stamping machines: used to stamp or emboss designs onto metal sheets.
  6. Press brakes: used to bend and form sheet metal using hydraulic or mechanical force.
  7. Laser cutting machines: used to cut precise shapes and designs into metal sheets using laser technology.
  8. Waterjet cutting machines: used to cut metal sheets using a high-pressure jet of water mixed with abrasive particles.
  9. Plasma cutting machines: used to cut metal sheets using a high-velocity jet of ionized gas.
  10. Notching machines: used to create notches or grooves in metal sheets.

These machines are used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing.