Coining Presses

Coining Presses
Coining Presses

We manufacture Coining Presses with automation. Our coining presses can be offered with Servo slide position control and Parallel levelling packages

Coining presses are mechanical or hydraulic machines used to stamp or emboss metal coins, medallions, or other similar objects. They are designed to apply high pressure to a blank piece of metal to produce a design or image on its surface. The process of coining involves striking a blank piece of metal between two dies to create a design on the surface of the metal.

Coining presses typically consist of a frame, a ram, a die set, and a feed system. The frame is the support structure that holds the other components. The ram is the reciprocating part of the press that applies the force to the die set. The die set consists of two dies, one upper and one lower, that are used to shape the metal. The feed system is used to move the blank metal into the press.

Coining presses are used in the production of coins, medallions, and other small metal objects such as tokens, badges, and pins. They are also used in the production of decorative items and jewelry. The process of coining produces high-quality images on metal surfaces that are durable and long-lasting.

Coining Presses

Coining presses are used to mint coins, medals, and other metal items with a design or insignia stamped onto them. They are typically high-tonnage, high-precision machines that use a coining die to imprint a design onto a blank piece of metal, typically made of copper or a copper alloy.

Coining presses can produce coins of various shapes and sizes, including round, square, and rectangular shapes. They are commonly used by government mints, private mints, and other manufacturers of commemorative and collector coins.

In addition to producing coins, coining presses can also be used for other metalworking applications, such as stamping metal tags, making jewelry, and producing small metal parts with intricate designs. They are versatile machines that can be used in a variety of metalworking industries, including automotive, aerospace, and medical manufacturing.

Coining Presses for Metalworking

Coining presses are specialized machines used for metalworking operations such as coining, embossing, stamping, and blanking. These machines are designed to produce high-quality, precision parts with intricate details and sharp edges. The presses are available in various sizes and capacities, and their operation can be manual, mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic.

Coining presses typically consist of a heavy-duty frame, a ram, a die holder, and a worktable. The ram is driven down into the die, which is mounted on the die holder. The workpiece is placed between the die and the ram, and the ram is then brought down with a high level of force to create the desired shape or impression on the workpiece.

Coining presses are used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, jewelry, and coin minting. They are particularly useful for creating coins, medals, and other small metal objects with intricate designs and details. Coining presses can also be used for forming sheet metal, producing high-precision parts, and shaping materials such as plastics and ceramics.

One of the main advantages of coining presses is their ability to produce parts with high accuracy and consistency. This makes them ideal for mass production applications where tight tolerances and precise specifications are required. Additionally, coining presses are generally easy to operate and maintain, and they can be customized to meet the specific needs of each application.

However, coining presses can also be expensive and require a significant investment in equipment and training. They also require careful maintenance and regular calibration to ensure their continued accuracy and reliability.

EMS Metalworking Machinery

We design, manufacture and assembly metalworking machinery such as:

  • Hydraulic transfer press
  • Glass mosaic press
  • Hydraulic deep drawing press
  • Casting press
  • Hydraulic cold forming press
  • Hydroforming press
  • Composite press
  • Silicone rubber moulding press
  • Brake pad press
  • Melamine press
  • SMC & BMC Press
  • Labrotaroy press
  • Edge cutting trimming machine
  • Edge curling machine
  • Trimming beading machine
  • Trimming joggling machine
  • Cookware production line
  • Pipe bending machine
  • Profile bending machine
  • Bandsaw for metal
  • Cylindrical welding machine
  • Horizontal pres and cookware
  • Kitchenware, hotelware
  • Bakeware and cuttlery production machinery

as a complete line as well as an individual machine such as:

  • Edge cutting trimming beading machines
  • Polishing and grinding machines for pot and pans
  • Hydraulic drawing presses
  • Circle blanking machines
  • Riveting machine
  • Hole punching machines
  • Press feeding machine

You can check our machinery at work at: EMS Metalworking Machinery – YouTube


  • Beading and ribbing
  • Flanging
  • Trimming
  • Curling
  • Lock-seaming
  • Ribbing
  • Flange-punching